the simple lunchbox

making the healthy choice the simple one


Welcome to the simple lunchbox

The simple lunchbox was created to help make the healthy choice the simple one.

As we learn to recognise the foods that make us and our children feel truly good about ourselves, we can understand the importance of providing the best fuel for our bodies and minds.


We are what we eat

Our food choices help to build and fuel our cells, it provides us with energy, helps to boost our memory, mood and concentration.  Food can help us to prevent and recover from illness and injury, and helps us create, grow and learn.


Everybody is different

And that is why there is no ‘one size fits all’ in food.  With everything that make us unique such as allergies, intolerances, personal preferences, culture and beliefs, where we live and the types of foods that are readily available to us, genetics, health risks and time constraints, we need to consider the foods our individual bodies need.

Helping make simple choices at the supermarket which are as quick as grabbing pre-packaged options from the shelf, but without the junk, and with an abundance of flavour, vitality and nutrition.

the simple lunchbox



the simple lunchbox
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