What to Expect in a Naturopathy Appointment


Where do I start?

You have a few options to start with, so it’s just a matter of going with what suits you, your schedule and your family best.

Firstly, you can choose whether you would like to meet in person (in our beautiful clinic space in The Health & Wellbeing Studio in Camberwell), or via zoom.  In person appointments allow me to find out a little bit more information about you (including some non-invasive testing such as checking your blood pressure), and it’s always nice to be able to chat face-to-face!  Zoom might be more appropriate for you if you’re pressed for time, live a bit further away, if you have any contagious symptoms or are feeling a bit poorly.

Secondly, you have the option of a 15 minute complimentary chat with me (in clinic or via zoom) where we can get to know each other a little, talk a bit more about Naturopathy and how it might fit with your wellness goals, and whether you feel comfortable with the process.

You can also read a little bit more about me and how I use Naturopathic principles in my treatment plans for you, here.


Let’s get started!

You’ve booked in!  Congratulations!  It can be a big step for people to make the decision to see a health practitioner.  I see you and I’m here for you.

I appreciate you choosing me! I can’t wait to get started working with you.

Where do we begin?  So, your initial appointment will take around an hour (but we can allow more time if you have a lot to get through, just let me know, or choose a 90 minute consultation if booking online).  It’s an information gathering session where I’ll listen while you share your health story with me.  I’ll also ask lots of questions of you to help me understand your full picture, help you get to the root cause of what is happening for you and establish your wellness goals.  My questions will include areas such as what medication or supplementation you’re taking, questions around different systems in the body including digestion (yeah, we’ll talk about your poo – so important!), sleep, stress and mental health, your immune function, any aches and pains, spots or rashes, itches and scratches, and where appropriate, a timeline of your health story and your family health history.  I’ll also ask whether you have had any previous testing done (if you could provide copies of this information, that is really helpful).

If we’re meeting in person, I may also ask your permission to run a few non-invasive tests, such as taking your blood pressure, temperature, skin, nail and tongue analysis.

We can also offer additional in-house testing including blood cholesterol and glucose screening, zinc tally testing, Omega Testing (blood levels of omega 3 + 6 fatty acids).  We can refer for pathology testing directly as well as GI Mapping (gut microbiome) and DUTCH (hormone) testing (these are out of pocket expenses if referred by a naturopath, but if possible, we can work alongside your GP, who may be able to bulk bill for some tests if required).

Our treatment room is on the first floor of the building, so if accessibility is tricky, then zoom is for you!

If the appointment is for your little one, I do prefer to see them in person as they tend to share a bit more in the room (and they’re probably well and truly over speaking to screens given the past 18 months!), but if this doesn’t suit, a zoom consultation is completely fine.

We get through lots in that first session, but to me, everyone is an individual and I’m here to treat the whole person.  Your treatment plan is going to be the best fit, just for you.


What next?

After the first session, depending on what is required, I might send you off for further testing, I might ask you to complete a Health Journal or questionnaire before our next appointment.  I may chat to you about making some dietary and lifestyle changes to get you started, and if your symptoms are acute, I may prescribe nutritional or herbal supplements.

I will normally spend the next week after our initial appointment, pulling together your story, conducting any research and developing a personalized treatment plan, just for you.

We catch up a week later for a 40 minute appointment so we can go through any homework you might have had, review any new test results and look through your treatment plan together, and make sure you’re comfortable with it.


What will my treatment plan look like?

So, what will you have to do?  Well, that all depends!  My personal approach is to work with dietary and lifestyle advice as the priority, using tools such as Food as Medicine, movement and relaxation techniques where possible, then introducing nutritional and herbal supplementation where we need to give your body a bit more of a nudge, or to correct any nutrient deficiencies.  I find children can be quite sensitive to change, which is often perfect in this situation because a little can do a lot!  The treatment plan will aim to bring your body, mind and spirit back into balance, and give it the nourishment you need to function at your best.  We’ll then catch up as needed to help you stay on track, and support you with your wellness goals.  This greatly depends on the complexity of your health condition and the level of support you need.  For some it might be weekly consultations, for others it might be a monthly catch up.  It all depends on your goals, and what we decide as a team, is appropriate for your needs.


I’m here to help you reach your wellness goals, guiding and motivating you to make informed, safe and healthy choices.  If there is something in the plan that doesn’t feel right, let’s talk, and we can create a treatment plan that you are comfortable with and can achieve.  It’s your plan!

I’ll also arm you with the tools you need to make changes as simple as possible.  If we’re making dietary changes, I’ll aim to work with foods that your family enjoys, providing food swaps, recipes, meal plans and resources to take the guesswork out.  I can also provide resources that you can use with your little one to make sure they are involved in their wellness plan, and to make it fun!


What if I get stuck or confused?

If something in your plan, or something we’ve discussed doesn’t make sense, doesn’t feel right, or if something has changed for you, let me know!  I’m always an email or phone call away and happy to answer your questions and talk things through with you. Your treatment plan will be ever-evolving as your health evolves too, so as things start to improve, or if something isn’t working for you anymore, we’ll adjust the plan as we go.

Also, sometimes life throws us curveballs that can knock us off course for a time.  If that happens, don’t worry (it happens!), just reach out.  I’m here to help you stay on track, or if needed, we can build a new track that works for your changing situation.  It’s one of the things I adore about naturopathy is the ability to adapt, and find the tools we need that suit your individual needs.


Let’s do this!

If Naturopathy sounds like the direction you would like to take your health, head to the Book an Appointment page.  You can book in your Complimentary 15-minute Chat with me, or jump straight in and book your Initial Consultation.  I look forward to meeting you or your little one, and I’m ready to take on the privilege of helping you take back control of your health and be your best you.