It’s the vegetable with maybe the worst reputation, but once you’ve tried these five recipes, you’ll be asking yourself why too… Never mind the ads your kids have seen, and the stories they’ve heard, we can change their minds.  From slaw to pancakes and delicious sauces, we’ve got you covered.


In half a cup of Brussels sprouts, your body will love getting:

  • 120% of your daily recommended vitamin K requirements for healthy blood and strong bones
  • 65% of your daily vitamin C requirements for a healthy immune system, to repair bumps and scrapes, and to build strong bones and teeth.
  • 10% of your daily folate requirements for building healthy cells
  • access to B vitamins for energetic bodies and clever minds
  • fibre for a happy and healthy digestive system and to feed the healthy bugs in your gut


It’s easy to get your hands on Brussels sprouts in winter and spring in Melbourne, and we’ve got a handful of different ideas for you to try that will turn Brussels sprouts into a family favourite for both meals and lunchboxes.


  1. Brussels Sprouts Skewers
  2. Brussels Sprouts Slaw
  3. Cheesy Roasted Brussels Sprouts
  4. Brussels Sprouts Hash
  5. Asian Style Brussels Sprouts Pancakes


The best way to enjoy your Brussels sprouts is with the least amount of heat exposure as possible, such as simply raw, or grilling and stir-frying.  This can help to preserve many of the nutrients including its rich vitamin C content.