These Caprese Salad Sticks marks the start of a series of Salad Stick recipes that we’ll be sharing.  There’s something about the novelty of a skewer that kids love, and we thought we’d put some salads to the test to up their veggie intake. Keep an eye out in the weeks to come!

The classic Caprese salad has some star attractions – sweet cherry tomatoes and creamy cheese plus some added greens.  If your little one is still learning to love their leafy greens, why not blend the greens into a yummy basil infused Green Goddess Dressing, or a Green Hummus?


Preparations time: 5mins



1 punnet cherry tomatoes

220g tub baby bocconcini

12 basil leaves

Handful baby spinach leaves



  1. Thread the tomatoes, bocconcini, basil and spinach onto a skewer, alternating each ingredient until there are about 5-6 items on each skewer.



  • If you’re not too worries about adhering to the Caprese Salad name, add some extra veggies to the skewers such as coloured capsicum or some grilled zucchini from dinner the night before.