As a parent, you can’t go too wrong when there are pancakes involved.  This recipe is so quick, it could be whipped up before school (they can also be frozen if you’re not a morning person).

Sweetened only with deliciously ripe bananas, these little pancakes are a great source of fibre and protein to add to lunchboxes to nourish hungry tummies.  They also provide many essential vitamins and minerals to support the stress response, energy production and growth.  Did you know that ½ cup of oats can provide around a third of the daily iron requirements for a 4-8 year old?  And 100% of their daily magnesium intake?  Not bad for a couple of pancakes!  Keep in mind that plant based iron (non-heme) is less readily absorbed by the body compared to animal-based (heme) iron, but is more easily absorbed with paired with a source of vitamin C.  Why not top your pancakes with some strawberries, kiwifruit slices or serve with a small glass of orange juice.


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Preparations time: 5mins

Cooking time: 7mins

Serves: 2-3



1 cup rolled oats, or oat flour (choose gluten free if required)

1 cup milk (e.g. almond, rice, coconut)

1 ripe banana

1 pinch cinnamon



  1. If you are using rolled oats, place them in a blender, and process until you have oat flour.
  2. Add the rest of the ingredients and blend until smooth.
  3. Heat a pan over medium heat and add a little olive or coconut oil to prevent sticking,
  4. Scoop ¼-cup sized portions into to pan and cook on both sides until golden.


Variations & Substitutions

Add some berries into the pancake batter just before cooking.

Add a teaspoon of cacao powder and a pinch of salt to make chocolate pancakes.

For a FODMAP friendly option, omit the ripe banana and swap for an egg.  Adjust the milk until you get a smooth batter.


To serve:

  • Top with stewed or fresh fruit, yoghurt, granola
  • Use to dip into smoothie bowls, yoghurt or fruit dips
  • Use instead of bread for sandwiches (E.g. apple slices & tahini, chocolate avocado mousse, cream cheese).