Change is a good as school holidays.  But not if you’re little one is an avid sammige-lover.  Sometimes, change can be bloody hard.  And stressful.  For everyone.


Have you been told to avoid bread for health reasons (maybe a Coeliac disease diagnosis, a funny tummy that just won’t quit, or even seasonal allergies)?  Or maybe you’re trying to reduce the amount of sugar your kids are eating (do they experience epic hyperactivity and sugar crashes with too much sugar?), and you’re wondering how you’re going to gently break the jam sandwich obsession?


Here’s a big question for you – How does your child cope with change?  Even the most resilient of kids can have a hard time letting go of their favourites, especially if they’re heading to kinder or school for the first time.  And sometimes, even a change to lunchbox routine or foods can really shake-up a day. Try having a chat with your kids initially and see if there is anything they would like to try – give them a few options you think they might like, maybe something they’re older siblings or friends eat as a reference for them, maybe starting with flavours they’re already familiar with. Sometimes giving that control and independence back to them can make a difference.


You’ve probably heard / read / been told that it can take up 5-10 shots at exposing kids to a new food and have them like it, and up to 15 times for kids aged 3-4 years. That’s some persistence, mama! But I recommend it.  The benefits later in life are worth it, trust me!


What are their favourite foods?  Are they sandwichable?  I had a client who adored his Caesar salad, but found it a bit tough to eat at school on the playground – Bingo! His amazing mum shredded cos lettuce, crispy bacon, boiled and mashed egg and swipe of his favourite dressing in a sandwich. The familiar flavours were enough for him to give it a crack.  You could even roll up the ingredients in some rice paper with the dressing as a dipping sauce.  Snazzy lunchbox swaps that mean that lunch will get eaten!


Try out some new sandwich fillings over the weekend or school holidays to get instant feedback.  Stay tuned over the next few days for Part Two of our Sensational Sandwiches Series!