Now for the fun bit.  What to put on your sandwich (using ‘sandwich’ as a loose term for whichever vessel you’re running with).

To create the ideal sandwich, try to include a protein, a healthy source of fat and some colour.


Your options are only limited by the 3 deadly sins of sandwiches…

Thou must not fill thy sandwiches with anything that is

1. Smelly

2. Soggy

3. Stringy


These are probably the most simple of all – no heating, pop an ice brick alongside them in summer, and use your leftovers.

  • Chicken, lettuce, hummus and parmesan
  • Leftover roast pork, cheese and slaw
  • Smashed chickpeas, avocado and diced celery
  • Avocado, egg and pesto (Again, play this one by ear – mash them together to help, or add a dollop of pesto).
  • Hummus, carrot and cucumber (Rule 2 – avoid any upsets by dragging out the cucumber seeds with a teaspoon before slicing, and sandwiching between a good layer of hummus and a generous amount of grated carrot to protect).
  • Falafel and lettuce
  • Lamb, tzatiki and lettuce
  • Chia chicken nuggets and salad
  • Leftover grilled fish and coleslaw (make sure the coleslaw isn’t too wet for this one, or simply use an undressed mix of shredded cabbage and carrot or whatever you like to slaw. Avocado is a great option to hold the slaw in place without the sogginess.)
  • Apple, diced celery, hummus
  • Rainbow salad with capsicum, carrot, fresh peach slices, spinach or lettuce, shredded beetroot (if you’re game!) and hummus
  • Fritters, tzatziki and salad


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