These smoothie packs are a fabulous way to save time in the mornings before school and are a great way to get a nutritious breakfast into your little one.  Rich in fibre, protein and colour, you can be sure that these Smoothie Packs are nourishing and filling to hold hungry tummies until their next meal.  Smoothies are a great way of introducing more greens to the diets of fussy eaters, if needed, the baby spinach is usually well tolerated and blends well into the bold colours of the berries.


3 cups frozen berries

3 ripe bananas, peeled

2 avocados, peeled and stone removed

2 cups rolled oats


Yoghurt Mix-in Cups:

500ml Greek or natural yoghurt, coconut yoghurt or coconut milk

3tbsp chia seeds

3 handfuls baby spinach

Other options: cacao powder, flaxseed meal, nut butter (such as peanut, almond or cashew butter), protein or collagen powder)



  1. Blend the yoghurt mix-in ingredients in a blender until smooth.
  2. Distribute the yoghurt mix among 5 or 10 silicone muffin cups.
  3. Place in the freezer until firm.
  4. Meanwhile, distribute the berries, bananas, avocado and oats among 5-10 containers or freezer bags. Add in a frozen yoghurt cup, seal and refreeze until required.
  5. To prepare the smoothie, empty a Smoothie Pack into a blender. Top with water, coconut water, milk of choice or a mixture of water and milk.  Blend until smooth.



Swap the berries for any other fruit or vegetables you like.  Some delicious combinations include:

  • mango, mint and coconut milk
  • pineapple, lime and coconut milk
  • cherry, cacao and coconut milk
  • banana, cinnamon and rice milk (add in some extra banana if you wish)

Leftover vegetables are great in smoothies such as roasted pumpkin, sweet potato or beetroot, raw beetroot, zucchini, cauliflower or broccoli.

For a dairy and lactose-free option, use coconut or lactose-free yoghurt, or silken tofu (trust us!!), and use a dairy-free milk such as rice, oat or coconut milk.  Note that coconut milk from the can is quite rich and can be diluted with water if desired.

If you are trying to limit the amount of plastic you use, you can place your smoothie ingredients into small jars to freezer, otherwise there are stores that stock reusable silicon snap-lock bags (no affiliation).

For a vegan option, use coconut yoghurt and a plant-based milk.  Sweeten with maple or rice malt syrup if desired.


For a low-salicylate Smoothie Pack, omit the berries, spinach, avocado and cacao, and create a banana and oat smoothie with yoghurt…


For a grain-free option, omit the oats and replace them with ½-1 cup of linseed meal.


For a FODMAP-friendly Smoothie Pack, omit the avocado (or reduce to ¼ avocado), and use lactose-free or goat’s milk yoghurt.