Below is a list of great options for lunchbox (or after school) snacks.  This list includes various elements of the simple lunchbox checklist, and sometimes all of the above.

The snack ideas are generally quick and easy to prepare, or may involve some organisation to prepare a bulk batch that will last you a week or more that go from freezer to lunchbox as quick as a flash.  There are also lots of different ways to serve the food, which can often tempt the fussiest of eaters.

Most recipes have been made nut free for school lunchboxes, or have included options so that if your child can tolerate them, to include as after school snacks.  Check back on the recipe page for recipes for these examples.


Fritters and Frittata:  Use leftover vegies or legumes, freeze in bulk for school lunches, or add a big salad or some soup for a super quick lunch or dinner.  Each of the suggestions below has some veggies, protein and some herbs or spices

Feta, zucchini, egg and parsley // Chickpea, kale, egg and paprika // Lentil, sweet potato and cumin // Mackerel, potato, coconut flour and dill // Tuna, corn, peas, egg and chives


Dips and Dippers:  Make a selection of dips and cut up dippers in bulk at the start of the week for after work munchies, include some protein for long-lasting hunger-busting such as legumes, yoghurt, or canned fish

Hummus, carrots and celery // Guacamole and natural corn chips // Fritters and tzatziki // Minted pea and labne or yoghurt dip and pita bread strips // Roast pumpkin dip with grain-free seed bread // Roast beetroot dip and meatballs


Trail Mixes:  Create selection of your favourites, make a big jar, and fill small containers for lunchboxes, handbags and car glove-boxes. Make your own so you are getting your favourite mixes and as fresh as possible to get the most nutrients out of your ingredients.  Add the trail mix to yoghurt or salads to bump up the nutrients too.

Nuts // seeds // dark chocolate bits or cacao nibs // organic dried fruits // spices // baked legumes // natural popcorn


Breads or Muffins:  Flavour your muffins with overripe fruits, use whole ingredients where possible such as wholegrains, nuts and seeds.  Use good oils such as olive or coconut oils and avoid refined grains and sugars.  Freeze in bulk for quick on the go snacks and planning your day, serve with dips or nut butters for added protein and nutrients

Sundried tomato, feta and pesto // Spinach, mushroom, corn, grated carrot and zucchini // Fruit and nut cups // Mini veg &meat loaves // Blueberry and peanut butter // Raspberry, cacao and macadamia // Apple and date // Pear and camembert


Wraps:  Use wholegrain wraps or mountain bread, sturdy leaves such as lettuce or cabbage, think omelettes, pancakes or nori (seaweed) sheets, and fill with your imagination.  They are easy to handle, and a great alternative to sandwiches.

Hummus, chicken and salad // Nut or seed butter with banana and strawberries // Boiled egg and avocado mash


Wholefoods:  As it comes, and in its own packaging…!

Hard boiled eggs // Fruit (try cutting into shapes, skewers) // Baby veggies such as cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, beans // roasted vegetables such as cauliflower florets as popcorn


Trail Mixes: Mix together a selection of your favourite crunchy morsels

       Nuts // seeds // popcorn // dried fruit // chopped up energy balls // yoghurt drops


Energy Balls:  Mix up your recipes, try date or dried fruit based or nut butter based, use spices, citrus peel to add different flavours

Chocolate and orange zest // Carrot cake // Lemony Bliss Balls // Nut butter or tahini


Muesli or Nut Bars:  Use wholegrains, nuts or seeds and bind with ingredients such as coconut oil, nut butter or flax eggs instead of extra sugar or sweeteners.


Pancakes:  Use wholegrain flours or nut meal as a base for added nutrients and sustained energy release.  Top with fruit, use pancakes to dip, or stir through berries or grated vegetables while cooking.  Create thinner pancakes or crepes and use as a wrap.

Buckwheat pancakes // Oat pancakes // Savoury egg pancakes // Cottage cheese pancakes


Fruit and Veg:  Pre-slice for easy access for little hands, cut in different shapes or patterns, use as a dipper, or spread with a high protein spread.

Sliced apple with nut or seed butter // Banana with nut or seed butter and chia seeds // Pear and cottage cheese // Strawberries and ricotta // Avocado and rice cakes // Watermelon, mint and feta // Berries and yoghurt


Chia Puds or Overnight Oats:  Super quick to prepare for the week, these also make a great breakfast or dessert.  Mix chia seeds or oats with milk of choice and add your flavourings such as fruit, nuts, seeds and spices.

            Cacao and nut butter // Banana and coconut // Berry and coconut // Mango


Yoghurt:  Choose a sugar free variety such as a natural or Greek style yoghurt.  Sweeten with grated apple or pear, or frozen berries that will thaw by lunchtime and keep the yoghurt cold.  If dairy or lactose is an issue, choose a coconut-based version, or make your own.


Fruit Gummies: Made with fruit juice, gelatin and a little sweetener if needed, these gummies are a great lolly alternative and great for gut health.

Raspberry // coconut // mango // kiwi fruit // blueberry // coconut // chai