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Sore throats, missing teeth, tight braces, wobbly smiles, tonsil tantrums… we’ve got your meals covered. This ebook is full to the brim of nourishing, soft foods that are easy to eat and also help to build you back up again.

How miserable it is when your little ones (or big ones) have got a sore mouth or throat, and how difficult is it when they’re starving but it hurts too much to chew or swallow?! This ebook has over 40 recipes for nutrient rich meals, snacks and drinks that are easy to swallow. Whether they’re unwell, recovering, or even just in need of regular soft foods (urgh – orthodontist day!!), these recipes are loaded with immune boosting nutrients, perfect for every stage of life (even ideas you can feed teething bubs!). You’ll also find loads of options to cover all dietary requirements. Let’s build them up to nourish their recovery!

But just so you know, if you’re little ones are constantly getting sore throats, mouth ulcers, swollen gums or tonsillitis, give us a holler, we can help!


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